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How do i fill my pantry?

Fill Your Pantry With What You Love

Here's how it works for our Oak Cliff Neighbors:

(75208, 75203, 75211, 75212, 75216, 75224, 75233)

  1. Choose your pantry items ($40 = FREE delivery)
  2. Order by 10 AM Mon. - Sat. and receive by noon
  3. Order by 3 PM Monday - Friday and receive by 5 PM

             Remember, orders after 10 AM Saturday (and Sunday) will be delivered Monday by noon.

Here's how it works for our DFW Neighbors (pickup only):

  1. Choose your pantry items
  2. Monday - Friday: Order between 8AM - 3 PM for immediate pick up
  3. Saturday: Order before noon for immediate pick up

                Remember, we're open Monday-Saturday

Do Not Simply Consume, Create.

It's what you do when you make a choice for better food. You create a culture in your neighborhood and in the lives of those who grow and produce your food. Rather than follow the flock of mass consumption, good culture thrives when we choose the work to create with our decisions.

CliffMade Pantry (born of Oak Cliff Coffee)--we are a provision for your ability to choose better. We started with coffee sourced directly from responsible farmers, moved into chocolate created from the bean, and bread leavened naturally with authentic flavor.

We are moving beyond these to include other responsibly sourced and carefully made foods, from granola and cookie dough to yogurt and more good things to come!